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Basketball Exposure

We provide exposure services to prospective college basketball student-athletes worldwide at the most competitive prices. We are owned and run by a former Division 1 college coach, so we have the professional tools, experience, and contacts necessary to help our clients with every need, especially receiving scholarship offers. Get in touch with us today to learn more about us and the services we have to offer!

My Story

Founder: Cassius Bosket

Who knows the ins and outs of recruiting better than a former Division 1 college coach? My experience as an Assistant Coach at D1 Presbyterian College, Video Coordinator at Miami University, and Student Manager at Clemson University has prepared me in every way for this business. Whether it's exposure, prospect promotion, highlight videos, or evaluating transcripts for NCAA qualifications, I've been there and done that!


Get seen by the right coaches!

Get your name, film, and information out quickly and efficiently with Recruiting Boost. We understand how important it is to attend college for free and to play the sport you love. That’s why we invest the time and energy necessary to get you looked at by college coaches all over the country who are looking for new talent daily!

Academic Support

No books, no looks!

Are you a borderline NCAA qualifier? Have you registered with the NCAA clearinghouse? Do you know your core GPA? All these academic questions and much more will be very important for your recruitment. Get a sense of where you are now and create an academic plan for the future with Recruiting Boost today!


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